Monday, January 7, 2019

The Divination Project: Part 15: Intentions

Alice has experienced a lot of change over the last two years, and frankly, she's ready for some respite. She's sooooooo ready to slow down. (Message received!) She had not one, but two bouts of the flu since Christmas because of all the stress, and she didn't even get to see her own family. :(

Maybe that was why she had the crippling self-doubt related to the Tarot, Free Will, etc. In any case, right after she made her last post, she discovered a copy of Jung on Synchronicity and the Paranormal by Roderick Main which she purchased last summer. Usually if she waits long enough, the answers appear. She thinks it will be interesting to see how Jung understood these happenings. She had a few nightmares and several "bad trips" while meditating, and that's not uncommon for her when she has the flu. But typically, she does not have nightmares!

She and Lou texted back and forth today about dreams, and how to get out of nightmares. Alice is typically kicked out of a nightmare and the energy can hang with her for quite a while. Lou told her that if she doesn't ground herself, Lou can go right back into a nightmare after waking. This doesn't typically happen to Alice, thankfully, but the nightmares Alice had definitely seemed to carry some messages about unresolved fears, so Alice is going to keep a journal next to her bed to record her dreams. Pearl has been doing this for many years, and it was fascinating to Alice to see the huge stacks of paper Pearl had of her dreams. Alice has only started remembering her dreams again recently - for many years she didn't dream.

It's not all bad, though. She's had a ton of time to think about things and meditate. She's been meditating a lot, in fact. To that end, she sits down with the first planner she has bought in many years, the Many Moons 2019 Lunar Planner (the linked store is also where she got the Supra Oracle deck and book). She had used the book version (no longer available) in the previous months which helped guide her through the lunar cycles, to which she has always been sensitive. Interestingly, she found that many things that were in her consciousness were also in the consciousness of other people through reading the book. She started calling it "the Farmer's Almanac for the Collective," in fact.

The authors decided to release the book as a planner instead, and so she was excited to start her goal setting for the new year, which she is happy to share with you. She feels like this serves two purposes - sharing her intentions to help anyone else who may be looking for ideas, and also putting her intentions out into the Universe to draw in similar energies.

First, the planner uses numerology to select tarot cards for the year for the Collective:

2+0+1+9 = 12;  1+2=3

Number 12 is the Hanged Man, and Number 3 is the Empress.

Her Soul Card is calculated using her birthdate, and is the same as her life path number in numerology, also Number 3, the Empress. Nice! She's in line with the Collective.

Her Personal Card of the Year, then, is her Soul Card added to the tarot cards of the year for the Collective. So, those would be Number 6, the Lovers, and Number 15, the Devil.

The Lovers is the card of Gemini, which is interesting to her, because over the Leo/Aquarius eclipse season, her biggest karmic lessons were with Geminis. When she initially sees that this card is her card of the year, she's a little worried about drama, but every card has a light and a shadow, so she's hoping she's learned the lessons she was supposed to with Geminis (around control and manipulation), and can enjoy the unifying energy of balanced masculine and feminine. She has certainly worked diligently to get to that place in her relationship with Carl, so hopefully they can both enjoy it!

The Devil is the card of Capricorn, which is also interesting, on a number of levels, but she's going to focus on the earth energy, which she has discovered to be so helpful in grounding her. Devil energy often comes from self doubt, much of which can be tempered by grounding activities like meditation and being in nature!

Yes, she realizes these interpretations are a little "Pollyanna," but she'd like to start out the year with the best of intentions. Maybe she'll write about these cards individually a little more.

She is not typically one to make resolutions. However, the planner had goal-setting sections, and setting intentions seems like a great way to start the year! At the very least, she will be able to come back and see how she is doing, where her intentions have changed, etc.


Goals for 2019:

Self-Care & Self-Development:

Maintain good boundaries with people to protect energy
Get enough time alone
Be mindful of limiting beliefs
Work on happy memory journal/scrapbook with Sally
Watch for synchronicities - live for the Easter Eggs!
Record dreams


More strength training
Continue regular walking
Meditate as often as possible (strive for 1x/day)
Eat more fruit & liver, Clarice 😂

Career/Life Purpose in Material Realm:

More time making art, writing (strive for several days a week)
Time alone meditating
Time with like-minded individuals
Study Akashic Records, Reiki, Tarot, Astrology


Communicate feelings and needs better
Do not get caught up in other adults' mundane issues (save that energy for my kids and self)
Forgive myself for frustrations with others
Let go of relationships which violate my boundaries
Creative partnerships if the energy seems right
Appreciating differences, mindfulness regarding individual relationship pitfalls

Spiritual Growth & Evolution:

All of previous are related due to my karmic path (North Node in 12th House in Sagittarius)
Would be nice to go deeper, find someone who has time/energy or similar path, but not necessary - will maybe meet more people in Akashic Records/Reiki Classes!

Service/Helping the Collective:

Sharing what I learn - making more time for sharing via writing and art
All other things above should help, as I care for myself it becomes easier to express what I learn creatively
Help spread message of "good enough" and help others find their karmic paths if they want

Any other major intentions & desires:

Self love!

Books to read:

So many I made an Amazon list of the books I hoarded 😳 Okay, obviously that's not all the books I hoarded, but the ones I feel may have specific messages for the path I am currently on. There is a ton of fiction I want to read as well. However, as I've said before, and I'll say again, I'm usually reading a bunch of books at once, and I just go with whatever feels right in the moment. That's how I find Easter Eggs.


One of the most interesting Easter Eggs she found was when she did Art in the Park and she was sharing a booth with other artists from the Lincoln Gallery, and the photographer next to her was a graduate of Tulane University, a few decades earlier, who studied psychobiology! The weirdest part was that his sister lives next door to Alice's sister and sold Alice's sister her house. Not even kidding. Then, Alice's sister called Alice a few minutes later (she doesn't do that very often, because she's a busy busy lady). Alice's sister and this photographer actually know each other. This is how her life works. A year or so later, he contacted Alice because he wanted to talk to her about shadow integration, and he also wanted to take photos of her working in her studio. She can't make this stuff up. When she releases control, the Universe guides her!

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