Friday, November 12, 2021

Trichloroethylene Justice

Princesses with crooked Daddies

Care only how they look

Use your gossip and grace

To fill their highway-bound imports

And the world as their nanny

Buy high

Sell low

Only worry

If the doge is the right color

And never flatulates

Are hoping you and Uncle Sam will hand over

The family discount from last year

And reimbursement for the crude ingested

On the trip to see Mommy

Daddy doesn't give attention

So yours is the only scoop

Mommy remembers anymore

In 2 weeks or whenever you dish

They be so hot they gotta use the Methodist Coloring Book again

There is a mote in their eyes

They are too proud to see

And it was lodged

By being Golf Course Cruise Control

Plastic Pantone Royal Queens

Such is life

When the American TARDIS is stuck in suburban middle school

Curtains match the rug

And prison is a place only

Bad black strangers go

Not people purer

Than the whitest driven snow

Who don't recognize

The Jones' skipping gulag record

Of trichloroethylene justice

A famantiodrama in five parts

Bankers take all

So be an earth child

And look under a toadstool

Ad astra

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