Friday, December 3, 2021

Dancing on the Sand

I love writing poetry

I said to the Tarot

No, they said back

It likes writing you


When Ursula wrote

Were her yearnings

Punctuated by so many

Invoices, tantrums and turnips?

By gain of function

Spikes and bleeding hearts

Industrial solutions aiding and abetting

Rolex donning organized crime

Incapable of discerning

So many shades of grey

78/22 is adequate

To stay a human being

Dancing on sand is privilege

Lent to tenderfeet

Who sing to grasshoppers

Ladybugs and 56 geese

Who may have their two or three and only

Enabling larger murmuration

A pink sunrise

In the living room

How hard the 44 worked to make abuelo happy

Eagles picking at the nest

Witch or goddess never long

Everlong thanks to plastic reality

Pegs and holes, mermaids, sloth

Lasagna, this, that and the other

Dogs and cats, wolves and bats

Sinterklass is a nightmare

Kingston royal heritage notwithstanding

The darkness deep inside

Beans, beanstalks, golden eggs

Burning in a rhyme

All hail the Python, rabid rabbits

Policy meetings, salty musical synchronicity

What is pleasure? What is thanks?

Entangled yet free people prophecy

Mitochondrial stress fracture of the soul

Poisoned by vanshanigans

     Masonite not Masonry

Edsel's mom might just agree

Our choices always flow downstream

Toroids, potent points, solar plexus

Kabbalistic Promethean fantasy

Material nexus and Oxford comma

Left-handed patriarchal matriarchal

     burnt eternity

Munter is still just a girl in the world

Lola followed all the teachings

Saw the future broke the rules

Hid gold paintings from the Fuhrer

Someone's knocking Hello Earth

Message is non-binary

Space pickles and rocket men

Wormwood Stars and Lemurians

Parachutes and minds are

A lot alike, regardless of their ability

To solve for X before

     the dinner bell rings

Or live in Rheged transcendentally

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