Monday, December 27, 2021

Neoliberal Step-Diddy Blues

White heeled walkers

Learned to cover up their waste

With more resources from

The blood of the poor

Camouflaging shiny pride

Not a sin when it’s theirs

Filling the vacancy with ill-gotten

Contents of a shark tank

Paid for with “Business Lunches”

Just in time for bottom dollar

Overhead over budget

Is there insurance for that?

Conceived of mimicry

On a ship of fools

Under a wine red sky

Formaldehyde dawn

A flock of expensively educated

Spawned widgets

Selling their souls

To sell illusions

Of Mars survival

Is a parent is worth

Only what they can afford

For a reproductive Golden Child?

Who was trained by the

Glossy covers to erode

Any boundary

With crocodile tears

Black widows

Employ both gifts and love

As ideological weapons

Do not put the Christ in Christmas

The brat is now on display

Owing to the beans

Step Diddy counts so diligently

Carbon can be good, right?

Unfiltered advertising

More of nothing is always better

Ignore what’s on the inside

A debt to be paid by invisible sub-humans

Choking on their sausage

Numbing his throat

With lonely purpose found

In a drunkard’s moat

Talking to whoever will listen

From the darkened bubble

In the cabinet under the stairs

Working until he’s in the ground

Own progeny forgotten

For high school popularity

And brand names

YOLO chump life Ho Ho Ho

Enabling corporate sponsorships

For the godliest lobbyists

Pontificating materially forced borne heaven

Through image-focused holey-pocketed hobbyists


To a born and bred

Yet elegant and proper

Ball and chain

Was Christ a savior

An entitled materialist war criminal

Or just a seasonal

Meal ticket?

Did anyone ever ask him and Diddy

To cease and desist

Enabling of the entitled

And the damned?

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