Tuesday, January 11, 2022

On Inequality

I see patterns. That’s what I do.

I see progressive rags that make you commit to submitting only one piece that has never been seen anywhere else, including a personal blog, and thus are great participants in welfare capitalism and identity and intellectual property theft.

I see “environmentally friendly” corporations that are still marketing us garbage that we could easily replace by making it ourselves and who support monocultures through their use of palm and other seed oils and neurological issues through their copious use of alcohols in things like soaps and shampoos.

I see the daily news cycle’s irresponsible delivery of incomplete and misleading news in order to generate ad revenue.

I see the government and its inflexible due dates resulting in illness and fines.

I see that the concept of procrastination has nothing to do with stuff that matters and that it is a way to make people feel insufficient.

I see that the elite think we should have to suck it up alone.
Red-Handed, cell phone photo with text overlay, NFS in any fashion

I see that capitalism and cancer are kissing cousins.

I see that capitalism, dementia and xenophobia are kissing siblings.

I see that religion and capitalism have become one in the same; tools of power and oppression.

To that end, I am offering this visionary artwork, Lies My Teacher Told Me, that I created without much help beyond the blood, sweat and tears of my husband who may have brought me a sandwich or two, kept a roof over my head, and let me spank him on occasion, for the modest sum of $113 million USD.

The proceeds will go to a fund to give air quality meters to people on Medicaid. We’re going to keep $2M for ourselves so we can retire, pay off our house, and get solar electricity.

Lies My Teacher Told Me, 4' x 5', charcoal and acrylic, $113M USD

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