Wednesday, February 23, 2022

Pluto in Mercury: The Amnesic and Codependent States of Elizabeth's Cult of Domesticity


Full quivers

Are just cap feathers

For another kind of trafficking

Of souls, banks and bedposts

Territorial expanse

Up stage no credit

Pain is an illusion

If you have the time, froots and


Sometimes get to see the sun

But planning failure failure planning

Sudden emergency on your part

To protect something you will never benefit from

Divorce as I say, not as I do

While I live as a shadow swallow

Outsourcing bad karma

An oath to the Swisse and

Those who trade their days with

Obedient black dogs named China

While my children bicker and

Xenophobic war is waged

Between the classes I helped create

Some things are too much

For only two brains

Which run on coal and gasoline

Wanton for druidic philosophy

Codependent slavery

Of the shame-induced kind

We do not tarnish

The family PR

So keep it marketable

Don’t ask questions

And you can stay in the will

“Except you, Medusa,”

Circe stung

Since Meghan refused to call her


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