Sunday, February 20, 2022

Sunday Memes: Ground Control to Major Tom! What are Art and Self-Expression?

“There was a chimpanzee…” #spiritguides

Could have used ANY of this kind of help when my kids were younger.


Well beyond time to destigmatize.

Maybe Eliza Doolittle can explain.

It's more sequitir than you think!


Reminders for us all:

Good government and grandparenting do not make these things more difficult.







Appropriate use of social media shares useful information and does not coopt people’s time and attention only to serve oneself or corporate entities. Repost with glory. What ideas is your art promoting?

Garbage in, garbage out. Thanks to Wu for helping others to learn discernment and be mindful of attention and its effects on our mental health.

How to grow a caring family.

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