Saturday, March 19, 2022

Chicken-Headed Politicking

Sleeping with
Inhuman ideology

Pain outsourced
To the underclass
Via doubly-taxed overhead

Kewpie's Last Stand, digital photography, #bigbankchallenge

The screen sat
Pays the price

For the phallacy
That the Mars Rover
Will bust a nut early

Showering us all
With plentiful water
Mined for communion

School's out forever...

An earth-bound reality
Where politics determine
Death and taxes

While claiming
Allegiance to just a

Strut, Pout, Put It Out: I'll Raise You a Rauschenberg, found materials, $220,000 USD, $200k proceeds go to Dolly Parton's Imagination Library Program

Who is
The monkey
In the middle

And how much
Does it pay
To fry tendies

Lego Divination:  Does our flag mean death?

Dear Andy
When it comes to capitalism
What is the difference

Between glamorous and
Does it all come down

To the last

Transcendental pranksters in our midst.

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