Wednesday, June 15, 2022

The Gorn Legacy

They told us All was Free and Clear
That silica was Nature's Miracle
Used by princesses maintaining the illusion there is time for bathing
Sold us a pat on the shoulder
Patented years in advance
Accompanied by obtuse user manuals
Untenable maintenance schedules
And coupons for death

While wearing invisible shorts
Called us pussies when we were panthers of steel
Formatted our children with the idea of other
Through ranked language of shame

And salvation through glimmering marketing
Of fractionated, reconstituted, industrially filled and fortified sustenance
Putty for holes poked in third eyes
By a quiver full of

Whizzing buzzing ticking scarcity
A war against the unicellular
Waged by greed and avarice-fueled mother-yearning giantism
And supposed water-walking

Now please tell me
What is mark making
But denying the thin skin between meditation and rumination
And why try

In a country where professional eye contact
Starts at a dollar a minute

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