Wednesday, November 2, 2022

Ghengis Khan's "Community Project" Design School


Suburban resale

One up trail

Sleeping in an ice cube tray

Corporate neighbor incubator

Bye-bye Sesame Street

What I learned in a town

Called love where

Monopoly ruled the roost

Ghosts abound

A ley line ground

Leaving nothing to be seen

It’s all been done

Or so they say

The HOA has spoken

Like the Mayor of Simple Town

Where everyone’s backs are broken

Everyone wants a moat, Charlie

A well manicured

Screaming peach

A view from the sidelines

A familiar voice

Shelter from freezing rain

But beyond that

It’s probably smart to ask oneself

Do I feed fatheads to antmills?

Or just drive them there compulsively?

Please please tell me

How it’s made

And about the pain

Of being

So fucking




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