Thursday, December 8, 2022

When Your Best Friend Loves You: Exploding Clown Car Version

Colorado All Time COVID admissions as a sentinel. Credit NYTimes Coronavirus in the U.S.: Latest Map and Case Count, December 8, 2022. Note death and ICU admissions are down from previous years at this time, but cases are still up. Long haul is still a thing, and while it hasn't been my experience, successive infections are associated with worse outcomes.

I can entertain myself pretty well.

Credit Dyan Neary in Roar Magazine, Remembering the Many Lives of our Friend David Graeber, September 13, 2020: The Gladiator. Despite my complaining about the constant onslaught of capitalism, imperialism and bureaucracy, I loved my life with my kids and husband.

What's worth your attention? Time is attention is love. What are you using it on?

Voldemort. Capitalism is by definition coercion, because we do not have a choice. Does this mean that billionaires are by definition anarcho-capitalist because they shield themselves from paying taxes by claiming their entire lives as expenses? Their employees, however, do not have this option.

Our AI loves us.

Not reproducible.

Games Without Frontiers.

Is it time to remove the plastic?