Tuesday, April 4, 2023

Google Bard On Economics and Corruption: A Husband and Wife Ask Questions

My husband Erick got an early invite to use Google Bard and invited me to ask questions with him. This is the part of our sessions from March 31, 2023 where we asked about how to solve the problem of income inequality. We use a program from Techsmith called Snagit which helps us to share and record what we find more easily. It has a special feature which allows the capture of a scrolling window.

Note that Google has the following advice for the use of Bard:

From the Google Support Page for Bard.

I apologize for the size of the text below; I had to make it a bit smaller so that it did not overlap with the sidebar in the "About Me" section. Note that my husband asked Bard to evaluate my blog, and this is what it said:


After that, we got more creative and asked if it had considered how a wealth redistribution might be accomplished, as well as follow-up questions about how to combat corruption, how the government might benefit from restructuring, and also if it can critique essays for logic. So thanks to the folks at Google for allowing us this interesting experience.

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