Wednesday, April 5, 2023

When Words Fail and You Want to Grok: Born to Be Wild


What if a person has genetics which have the same health effects as antipsychotics or calcium channel blockers? Akathisia is a movement disorder which is a feature of both Autism Spectrum Disorders and Parkinsonism. I think this should be a recognized disorder in children and adults, as it is clearly just part of a constellation of symptoms people with Autism Spectrum Disorder and Parkinsonism deal with. Struggling with this and trying to fit into "regular life" is difficult. Expecting teachers to be able to handle a population of kids struggling with this in the context of the current educational paradigm is unfair to both the kids and the teachers. When people use cannabis to treat Parkinson's and Autism Spectrum Disorders, are they really treating something underlying akathisia and other associated symptoms?



How we choose to keep our properties can contribute to our own and our neighbors' health problems. Leaf blowers and gas powered lawn equipment contribute to both occupational and environmental poisonings and ozone pollution. We need to stop saying that these issues are all related to corporate behaviors, and look at how we choose to maintain our own properties. Just because it isn't affecting the property owner (or they don't notice), doesn't mean it isn't affecting their neighbors. Please!



We're only through the first couple chapters, but I have to say it is amazing to hear what Senator Sanders went through on the campaign trail. What an incredible person. Thank you, Senator Sanders for all your hard work fighting the good fight.