Tuesday, May 9, 2023

A Bedtime Story

Please forgive me for
Dumping all that spaghetti
In the forest

Everyone else was
Dieting and uninterested
In portals

In vision or acceptance that on Mars
The sky is blue and life can be seen
As meaningless there, too

Portals and synchronicity
Beget observation
Which denies opening phenomena

A hunger when not fed
Zero point energies, entanglement
Chlorhexidine big bangs

I scream you scream
We all scream for stranger things
And nitrogen recycling

Grasshoppers doing
The rock and roll hoochie coo
Under a black moon sinecure

To be or not to be a billionaire's pet
Falling veils burnt toast
And greed indices

Peter Pans, lemmings
Carbon-based life forms on
Silicon-based planet

Everything comes down to
The seahorse's
Invisible hand

You're the man of the hour
The guy who can keep things
Curious and curiouser

Is it Havana Syndrome, Schizophrenia,
Angels, Demons or Aliens,
Or the active imagination of singular octopi

Chinese Hackers outnumber FBI agents
And that wasn't even one I considered
When hunting for this whale

Let's talk Controlled Offensive Behavior
And a population of super spies
You tell me

All of this public knowledge
Except to the cops at the donut shop
You know, from one NPC to another

Caged elephants be damned
Our private moments public
We can all have phun with phideaux

And we can give it away for free