Monday, June 5, 2023

To the Cinnamon-Chested Bee Eater

I just live here
The dog is trippin'
And I'm supposed ta
Find that number
And put it in the box
And send it to the government
A third time, sir,
Yes I said a third time
And I am doing this at the low, low rate of
Negative nine thousand dollars a year, sir
That's apparently how much I cost my family
To keep them alive
And try to work
And I don't get paid to answer these questions
Again and again
I don't get paid for
Filling my papers in again or even the first time
Or when there is hail or drought
It seems to me if I filed the tax forms once
The FAFSA oughta do itself
And that oughta be enough to determine work study eligibility
I did not ask for this colonoscopy
If there is a hole, I will fall through it
Not just at a loss, I am a loss
That's what I learned about foodsheds, vagrancy
And impenetrable forests
In Weimar Berlin
That I can have neurodivergent DNA
Jim Crow hates

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