Friday, October 21, 2022

Spelling Bee 101: The Cheese Stands Alone


There is a place called The Nile

I would go there every holy day

And there at The Nile

The functional alcoholics

They did play

This is where they would

Sharpen their blades

Unbeknownst to cousins' eyes

Seeded delirium and obligation

A price to pay for a slice of pie

Alas, ding dong there will be no more

Surprise inspections or dog shows

Tits up in the box that judgment ultimately goes

Blood pure legendary secret sealed in an envelope

In a box behind a wall sheltered by serf-forged moats

Perfection and complacency

Accumulated mass

Jetpacks borne of ocean floors

Flags flown at half mast

In superposition Jesus wept

A last temptation to be not just a Good but an Excellent neighbor

To return the mattock clean,

Minimize poison and pestilence

In Texas, Martha’s Vineyard, or Delaware

Avoiding excess taxation on wheeled, anchored and cemented recreation

Could they agree on what was exploitation?

And what was well won self medication?

For these remunerations and busyness

Would there be reciprocations?

And what was freedom

If not the right

To contentment, fresh air, water

Respite from all sorts of bad weather

And a slice of pie in a truly post-neoliberal world?

Perhaps the saving grace of mediocrity 

Is that ditsy unmasked vampires

Could care less for cheese, sausage fingers, whales or spelling bees

KWIM, Vern?

BTW, would a shirt like this sell

To a trust fund king?