Thursday, October 28, 2021

Ipso Facto Post Waste

If veggies must be shipped

From down under for Samhain

What will we eat on the moon

Or Mars if there is no rain?

What sense does paying poor folx

To efficiently milk cat nuts make

When lipid rafts prevent

Brainwashing through palmitoylation?

Between wolves and cows

Imbalance sans smart

A monocrop of angry donuts and lead

Strains the kidney and the head

Jet fuel

Plastic bananas neon trees

And chicken roasted in gorilla meat

That's what has me on my knees

Vinyl plays the songs

Carries the cash

Clads the whipped and the whippoorwill

Games of MASH

There, there, Bossie

Ben was released in the field

To be eaten

By a night owl

At least it wasn't pork

Leave the pigs

In their cubicles

Until it is time

This is not an omnivorous delusion

Science and consciousness light the way

Not a path marked by the blood

Of the sub-animal poor

While house rabbits choke

On the tailpipe of Leach's plastic inequity

And pieces from Circe's

Games of wine and thorns

Timepieces aren't necessary

To know one's mental age

No matter what the cost

Counterfeit or not

I'll see your helpless retrograde

And raise you

A Scorpion in Uranus

And a goaty God of War

The queen of backassward I am

A low-riding witch

If I tell you the future, it sounds like the past

If we did anything, we did it fast

Because internal combustion was damned

And Ursula's cosmic records play 24/7 gratis

Have Dr. Sacks' office send the bill


No need to visit Margaritaville

Or the Hard Rock

No matter the island

That ship has sailed

It's gaslit by numbing resveratrol and

Served with clandestine olives

Failing to repair the most volatile and still fermenting

Sins of the past

Oh, Paracelsus!

Prometheus said there is a run on

Liver and leisure

3 days a week

Poetry comes

Precisely when it means to

Like a fish riding a bicycle

Or a space turtle with a clutch of eggs

Storming the beach

On a random sleepless night

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